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Saturday, March 03, 2007

What is the Meaning of Life?

"What is the Meaning of Life?" Oh yes, the age ol' Life Meaning question. The vision of the man climbing the mountain to visit the guru comes to mind. Perhaps you've felt particularly frustrated one day and the question had occurred to you.

What is the meaning of life? Before one can find the Meaning of Life, it would seem that you need to first find the answer to What is the meaning of "Meaning?"

Webster defines "meaning" as "the thing one intends to convey. Something meant or intended.

"Meant" is defined as "to have in the mind as a purpose. Intend."

And "intend" is "to design for a specified use or future. Plan."

So the meaning of "meaning" seems to be something that "one" has "in mind," designing or "planning" for a specific purpose. Who is that one that designed Life? Does that one have a mind?

Those who are not inclined to believe in a Creator may feel that the meaning of life is a moot point. Or perhaps they look within themselves for meaning. Perhaps those who believe in a Creator can seek the answer with Him.

Personally, I don't know the M.O.L. I believe that "Life is like a Box of Chocolates - The more you take in, the more you want."

A man climbs the mountain and asks the guru, "What
is the meaning of life?" The old man looks up and says,
"I don't know, my son. But I can tell you the 'Two
Secret Keys to Success.'" "I'd like to hear them," said
the traveler. "The First Key is to determine your greatest
talent. The Second is to find someone who is willing to
pay you great sums of money to do it."



Blogger James Burnett said...

I like the Forest, Forest Gump def. of the meaning of life.

Saturday, March 03, 2007 3:32:00 PM  

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