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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eternal Darnednation

I read in our paper this week that a woman asked a religious advice columnist who her husband would spend eternity in Heaven with: her, or her husband's first wife, from whom he'd divorced.

It seems the husband was making waves that, since he was Catholic and Catholics aren't big promoters of divorce, he'd probably be paired with Wife #1 beyond the Pearly Gates.

The columnist responded that this was a matter of the heart, not one of religious beliefs. This hubby needed to reflect on his own feelings for his first and second wives and to not use Catholic teachings to justify putting one over the other.

He went on further to suggest that God himself will make the determination as to which person or persons the man would find eternally linked to in the Great Beyond.

I don't know. For some reason I cannot bring myself to imagine that God would set up a 'threesome' with divorced, then remarried Catholics, or for anyone else for that matter, in Heaven.

Can you?


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