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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chinese Toys Found Unsafe

To a child, taking away their new toy and promising a replacement, (after a few weeks) is like taking away their puppy. Or it might be similar to taking away a wedding ring and saying, "Don't worry, Honey, I'll have one back to you REAL soon - and THIS one will be soooo much better!"

Yet many children across the nation will be faced with the same situation as parents play tug'o'war with their kids' prized dolls and toy trucks in the wake of Chinese exports found to be hazardous to children. Some of these toys have been found tainted with lead paint and having small parts that present a choking hazard. And much of this is in answer to our desire for cheaper and cheaper toys from Walmart and Target.

I have a solution. Let's all boycott these "cheap" expensive toys our kids have got to have and try to acquire vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. They're safe, reliable, and if my kid sister's experience with them some 40 years ago are any indication, a whole lot of fun to play with.


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