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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Postal Service at its Finest

Good thing it didn't say "DO NOT SHRED."


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The blind leading the sighted

I used to work with a colleague who was blind since birth. He told a story about how he diagnosed text "missing" from a webpage when his sighted coworkers could not troubleshoot the problem.

How could he tell? His text "screen reader" showed the words and the color attributes as separate objects. Turns out they had white text on a white background. Because he wasn't "seeing" the text as a sighted reader would, he was able to "look" at the problem from a different perspective.

Talk about the blind leading the sighted.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rules of Dating

RULE #1: Women make the rules.

RULE #2: If a man wants to date a particular woman, he must be willing to date her exclusively.

A woman of my acquaintance gave the following answer as to why a woman insists upon a man dating her exclusively:

"We are frustrated and feel when we have found the right man then we are entitled to that happiness that seems to have eluded us all those years."

So, just because a woman has had poor luck in snagging a mate, that means that a man has to give up all other women from his life?

Translation of RULE #2: "I've determined that you are the right man for me. Therefore, if you want to continue to date me, you must see me exclusively."

Men would not choose to work that way. If a man had his way, he would date several women simultaneously, then choose from them the one who is "right" and marry her. But this NEVER happens in the real world. And do you know why? Because as soon as the woman finds out that he has been seeing others, she becomes indignant, feels that he is "cheating" and moves on to find someone who will not stray.

This forces him to do one of the following:

A. Break up with her.
B. Go behind her back.
C. Tell the girl up front that he intends to date others. (Note that
this will only assure he will NEVER get a date! See RULE #2 above)

Since C is out, and if he feels that he couldn't do B, then he has to break up with her if he wants to date others. But this forces him to live by RULE #2. The only way he can follow his own rules is to go behind her back. When do men win?