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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A New Heart

In a previous post, I spoke of getting my heart stolen. I said if I ever get around to constructing another one from my remaining pair of car magnets, I would hang it on our refrigerator instead of out in public on my car like the last one. Well, that's what I did. Now if you want to steal my heart, first you have to be invited into my home.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Social Security Number is ...

... none of your business! Unless you are planning on employing me and paying into Social Security on my behalf, you should have no interest in my SS number.

And another thing. If I apply for a job, why do I need to put down my SS number on the application? Shouldn't a potential employer only need my number AFTER they hire me?

In my hometown this week, a thief broke into the home of the Bowling Association's executive director and made off with a laptop that contained the names, addresses and SS numbers for 3000 bowlers, of whom are my wife and me.

My question is, why the heck did the Bowling Association need my Social Security number?

Here's a request for anyone reading this. If you maintain records of your clients on a laptop you take into your home, and they contain SS numbers, would you please encrypt the data? Also, put a personal password on your machine.

It won't stop identity thievery, of course, but it may let me roll a few games until my identity is stolen.