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Friday, January 20, 2012

Keep This Warning Tag Away From Appliance

This warning tag was on an electric heater we’ve had for many years.  It originally was close to the plug end of the cord.  Over time, it had loosened and found its way closer to the heater.

Well, guess what happened.  Yeah, it had worked its way into the heating element and started a small fire.  In spite of the statement, “Do not remove this tag,” I decided to remove it anyway.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

More Balls

We have an event at our elementary school called Fun Run. Donors promise a certain amount of money for each lap their kid can complete. The kids usually run around our track about 15-16 laps.

Some teachers use the event as a “teachable moment.” In advance of the Fun Run, the kids are told the money can be used for such things as a drinking fountain at the playground, more soccer balls, etc.

This class was asked to complete the sentence “I am running in the fun run because …”

This is what one first grader drew: